Lesson 3: Inspecting & Analyzing

The information and tutorials found within this article are designed to help you customize the view to inspect a particular focal point.

Radial Menu

Use the Radial Menu to inspect and analyze a particular focal point, or to create custom anatomical scenes.


The Radial Menu allows you to perform the following actions, each of which is described below in greater detail:

  • Isolate
  • Hide / Hide Others
  • Fade / Fade Others
  • Focus

To use the radial menu

  1. Click and hold a specific component or label. The circular Radial Menu will display.
  2. To select an option, glide your finger or the cursor over the action and release to execute. If no option is selected when you release, the Radial Menu will close.
  3. Use the navigation gestures to zoom in or rotate and inspect the component.
  4. (Optional) To undo the last inspection action, click Undo.
  5. (Optional) To undo all the inspection actions, click Undo All.



TIP: When you use the radial menu on a label, it will affect all of the components associated with that label.



Select Isolate to hide all other anatomy components, except the component selected. When a component is isolated the view centers and zooms in on the isolated component.


Hide / Hide Others

Select Hide to hide the selected component. Or, select Hide Others to hide all other anatomy components in the same system, except the component selected. When a component is hidden it will disappear and you will no longer be able to select it. You can then return the component by clicking Undo.


Fade / Fade Others

Select Fade to turn the selected component transparent. Or, select Fade Others to turn all other anatomy components in the same system transparent, except the component selected. Other systems will still be fully visible.



Select Focus to focus the view on the selected component. 

TIP: You may also focus on a component by double-clicking it.


Continue to Lesson 4: Annotating & Bookmarking for more Getting Started tips.

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